Annual Business and Technical Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks 24.-26.6.2015

Summer fun at Väinölänniemi

Spend a summer evening at Väinölänniemi park area!
Thursday 25th June

Väinölänniemi is a popular sport and recreation area in Kuopio. It is located near the Hotel Scandic and the center of Kuopio, only a 1km from the Market Place. It offers multiple activity options such as tennis, beach volley and basketball. There are two beaches in the area. You can also enjoy the beautiful Kallavesi shoreline and the sur-rounding nature.

On Thursday 25th June, there will be
guided activities for conference guests and their families free of charge.
Open from 19:00-22:00.


•    Mölkky is a traditional Finnish throwing game. It is suitable for everyone regardless of age or condition. Mölkky requires no special equipment and success is based on a combination of chance and skill. This activity is fun and refreshing after a long confer-ence day.

•    Beach volley and beach football are available for guests. Get to know other participants and local kids by playing a match in beautiful Väinölänniemi area.

•    Frisbee golf is a popular activity in Finland. Frisbee golf is a great way to spend leisure time with family or friends. The guide will show you the area where the activity takes place.

•    Soft sword play is an activity for kids in Väinölänniemi, guided by local kids and their parents.


Program on pdf file