Annual Business and Technical Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks 24.-26.6.2015

Photo Service on Friday 26th

Adventures await – From Kuopio with Love
Tailorframe photo service

Photo service is available for the conference guests at the Music Center
on Friday 26th at 8.30-18.00 and at the Scandic Hotel at 20.00-24.00. Photo service is on the 2nd floor close to the EXPO-area.

Tailorframe is a unique concept for portrait photography. Service enables premium quality portraits to be taken and delivered only in seconds.
The service is based on automated image processing and delivery by our custom designed equipment, installed to event or premises.

Tailorframe revolutionizes portrait photography by providing its customers with a thrilling and effective way to market events and products in social media.
Tailorframe is founded by an award winning commercial photographer Jere Hietala, together with two specialists in marketing and information technology business.

Here’s how it works:

1. Your portrait is taken using a gray screen as the background.

2. Portrait is sent to the Tailorframe system, where it is processed and merged into background.

3. You are given a personal code card, with which you will find your final image. The whole process

takes less than a minute.

4. With your personal code, you can save the images on any device you want. No need to hurry, images

are available for over 30 days from the photo Shoot.