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How to get to Kuopio

Kuopio is situated in Eastern Finland. Distance between Kuopio and Helsinki is 382 km. Traveling from Helsinki to Kuopio is easy by airplane, by train, by bus or by car.
Kuopio airport is situated in Siilinjärvi, Rissala about 14 km from the city center of Kuopio. Railway station and bus station are right at the city center about 500 meters from the Market place.

Traveltimes from Helsinki to Kuopio:
By airplane 50 min
By bus 6 hours
By train 4 hours
By car 5 hours

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Kuopio airport

Train timetables:

Bus timetables:

Information about transportations in Helsinki between city center and Helsinki-Vantaa airport.


Parking in downtown Kuopio
If you are arriving to Kuopio by car, we recommend parking in the parking facility Toriparkki, situated underneath Kuopio's famous marketplace.
How to navigate in Toriparkki
How to find Toriparkki if you are arriving from north
How to find Toriparkki if you are arriving from south / Särkiniemi ramp
How to find Toriparkki if you are arriving from south / Kuopio-halli ramp


National holiday, Midsummer 19th-21st June 2015
Midsummer is the main national holiday in Finland. Traditions like lightning bonfires, bathing in a sauna and barbecuing are essential parts of this holiday. Typically it is spent with friends and family at a summer cottage away from the city.
During the Midsummer most of the services are closed or have shorter opening hours. Shops and restaurants are usually closed. Midsummer affects also on bus, train and flight timetables.