Annual Business and Technical Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks 24.-26.6.2015

Health and wellbeing promotion

Conference programme includes technical site visits. They represent WHO Healthy Cities Network Phase VI Core Themes. Site visits will give an introduction to local knowledgement of health and wellbeing promotion.

Phase VI Core Themes:
No 1: The life course and empowering people
No 2: Tackling the major public health challenges in the European region
No 3: Strengthening people centered health systems and public health capacity
No 4: Creating resilient communities and supportive environments

Kuopio´s conference programme offers you wide range of knowledgement and sights.
Time: Thursday 25th June 2015, afternoon (exact time will be announced later)

All site visit tours start from the Music Center. They are presented and guided in English. Site visits are free of charge. Some of the site visits are done by bus.
Please note, site visits are all on the same time. On the registration form choose one of our interesting attractions. Final day to choose Site Visits is 12th June 2015.

1. Emergency Services College´s Training Ground
2. Kuopio Innovation Center - Home for future health developments
3. Well-being Kiosk
4. Habitats of healthy urban fabric: new precincts of the walking and transit urban fabrics
5. Wellbeing from culture
6. Health and Wellbeing from green space
7. Mäntycampus - age friendly area for living
8. Kuopio University Hospital and Sightseeing Tour