Annual Business and Technical Conference of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks 24.-26.6.2015

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm and Lumberjack´s Lodge

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm and Traditional Finnish Evening at the Lumberjack´s Lodge
Saturday 27th of June
Time: 12.00-21.30

Explore the Alahovi Berry Wine Farm and the beautiful scenery of the lake Kallavesi and the island of Vaajasalo, by travelling to the location by a vessel.  Visit the first berry wine farm of Finland and get acquainted with the process of wine making and enjoy their selection of wines and other unique products of the farm. The place has also a yard of farm animals so this package is suitable for families as well.
The day continues by travelling on a vessel to Jätkänkämppä Lumberjack´s Lodge where you can experience the traditional Finnish evening in lumberjacks' style. Jätkänkämppä is an atmospheric log-built lodge with a long and interesting history.
Enjoy the traditional Finnish dinner while listening to live music. The traditional Finnish smoke sauna is the world’s largest and worth visiting for. It is open for the participants the whole evening. Bathing in the gentle heat of the smoke sauna combined with refreshing dips in the lake offers a total relaxation. Breath taking views and the calming nature makes this experience unique.

Additional information:
Price: 140,00 € / person
The package does not include accommodation so take it into account when making room reservations.
Reservations to the post tour 1 are done on the registration form. Packages should be paid in advance. You will receive an invoice before the conference.

Prepare with casual clothing, comfortable shoes and swim suit.
Duration of the package is 9 hours.
The package will be arranged with minimum of 20 participants.


12.00 Cruise from the Kuopio Passenger Harbour to Alahovi Berry Wine Farm
13.30 Arrival at Alahovi
14.00 Berry wine and liqueur tasting (2 x 4 cl wine, 1 x 2 cl liqueur)
14.30 Introduction to berry wine production
15.30 Cruise from Alahovi to Jätkänkämppä Lumberjack´s Lodge
16.00 Arrival at Jätkänkämppä
16.00-21.00 Smoke sauna is available
17.00 – 20.00 Traditional Finnish dinner
17.00-21.00 Live music
20.30-21.30 Non-stop transportation to the hotels